B E N –

A friend of B E N, again.
Cold creeping with winds howling in your ears,
head throbbing with exhaustion.
He fucking sucks as a friend.

It’s not about appreciating,
It’s how you see yourself interacting with him.
And then again with everyone.

When you see him, it’s all good though.
Afterwards, it’s even better.
Afterwards, he’s still a friend.

Fucking B E N.


This was a short documentary I shot about me and my friends climb of Ben Nevis. I wanted to show the emotion I see every time I go for a hike, the balance between pushing yourself and wanting to go home. Please try not to watch this on your phone.. Check out the behind the scenes here:

Tiramisu – https://www.tiramisu.studio/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aaronwheeler___/

Camera – Canon 70D
Lens – Canon 10-22mm
Edit – Adobe Audition, Premiere and After Effects


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