Project Published – 23rd December 2017

B E N –

A friend of B E N, again.
Cold creeping with winds howling in your ears,
head throbbing with exhaustion.
He fucking sucks as a friend.

It’s not about appreciating,
It’s how you see yourself interacting with him.
And then again with everyone.

When you see him, it’s all good though.
Afterwards, it’s even better.
He’s still a friend.

Fucking B E N.


This was a short documentary I shot about me and my friends climb of Ben Nevis. I wanted to show the emotion I see every time I go for a hike, the balance between pushing yourself and wanting to go home. Please try not to watch this on your phone…

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Camera – Canon 70D
Lens – Canon 10-22mm
Edit – Adobe Audition, Premiere and After Effects